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The Week of Ecological Consumer (WEC) will be conducted in PUET

From 26 to 29 September The Week of Ecological Consumer (WEC) will be conducted in PUET. It will be a weekly concentrated information and awareness campaign, aimed at popularization of ecologically responsible consumption. The campaign is organized by Poltava City Ecological NGO “Mama-86-Poltava” and supported by the Swedish Society for Nature Protection as well as by other partner organizations

This year WEC will be held in PUET for the first time and under the motto «Live organically»! It will be aimed at promoting the organic food and farming as part of a culture of sustainable consumption and nutrition.

As part of the information campaign for the invited schoolchildren, college students and university students a lot of exciting activities, such as thematic lectures, quiz, production and degustation of organic cookies, conversations on the topic of organic and healthy food, educational workshops are planned.

We hope that the popularization of environmentally responsible consumption will help to make a conscious and correct consumer choice and contribute to improved health and environmental protection.

We invite all, who are concerned to join our campaign!

The entrance to all the events is free!

Details – on web-site www.greenweek.in.ua

The schedule of WEC in PUET

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