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The delegation of the Embassy of the Republic of Latvia in Ukraine arrived to PUET

Students and Teachers, headed by Rector of our University Oleksiy Nestulya and Vice-Rector in International Relations Olena Cherniavska welcomed in PUET the Ambassador of the Republic of Latvia to Ukraine Juris Poikans and Second Secretary Andrejs Karpovich. The meeting #PUET with students was conducted around discussion “Latvia’s experience in the field of European integration reform: how it can be useful for Ukraine?”.

This meeting was attended by our university students from 27 countries. We discussed not only issues in terms of discussion, but also the local Latvian diaspora affairs, the outstanding historical events in the life of the Latvian people.

Rector of Poltava University of Economics and Trade Oleksiy Nestulya said: “All nations are united by common ideas, processes, and what is the most important – values.”

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