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Product management is a program combining economic sciences with the foundations natural sciences and engineering. Specialists in Product Management are trained to take care about commodity systems in a competitive environment. The obtained knowledge allows graduates to implement the principles of product management during the procurement and sales of raw materials and goods. They are also able to:

  • ensure effective promotion of goods
  • form and develop relationships with suppliers
  • analyse claims on the quality of goods and prepare conclusions based on the results of their consideration
  • take timely and substantiated conclusions with regard to management of a trade company
  • implement the main principles of safety management system НАССР (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point)

Efficient trade is impossible without knowledge about the good’s attributes as well as research of its key consumer values. So, trade and industrial companies need professionals, responsible for technical, marketing and economic formation of the product line. These professional will possess the whole complex of knowledge about product management on all the stages of its lifecycle, will be able to analyse the trends of its main market and take reasonable decisions with regard to trade systems development.

Due to the introduction of European requirements for the quality and safety of goods, the training of specialists in this area is timely and relevant. Graduates of this course will be able to get their job offers from trade companies, consulting agencies and other companies providing services.

Career fields and job opportunities

  • Product manager
  • Professional of the research institution
  • Promoter, supervisor, distributor
  • Head of the trade agency, department store
  • Expert
  • Expert organizations and research laboratories consultant
  • Commodity market research analyst
  • Director on quality, head of НАССР group

Entrance requirements

There are no admission tests or entrance exams if you apply for Undergraduate Degree Program. To apply for Postgraduate Degree, it is necessary to obtain the Undergraduate Degree and pass the interview on specialized subjects (see syllabus above) and foreign language. The duration of study for those students, who have received a Bachelor’s Degree in International Economic Relations is 1,5 years. Those students, who have received a Bachelor’s Degree in other field, study for 2 years. The application procedure is similar for all the other courses. Please visit APPLY for details. Study the information about our Foundation Course. We recommend to start your studies with it. You’ll learn Russian and Ukrainian languages, as well as will adapt comfortably to the academic environment in Ukraine.

Key professional disciplines offered

  • Chemistry and research methods for raw materials
  • Designing products
  • Quality management
  • Ecology management
  • Safety of goods
  • Marketing
  • Product management
  • Expert consulting
  • Foundations of entrepreneurship and management in trade
  • Business foreign language


Education Levels and Duration of Study:

  • 4 years (Undergraduate Degree)

Languages of study:

  • English
  • Ukrainian

Our address: room 544, 3, Kovalya str., Poltava

Commodity research of non-food Department contacts:

Теl.: (05322) 50-91-36, 0501477401

Е-mail: tnt@puet.edu.ua

Head of Department: Ass.Prof. Liudmila Guba, PhD

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