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Marketing specialists are studying marketing researches, consumer behavior, activities for improving sales efficiency, marketing strategic planning, market analysis, management of the competitiveness of the enterprise, marketing pricing, development and promotion of brands, organization of advertising activity, formation of the image of the enterprise, development of consumer loyalty programs.

Graduates of Marketing program degree acquire professional skills in different sectors of the economy. According to most of the leading recruitment agencies, demand for these specialists is growing, both at domestic and foreign markets. This is due to the fact that marketing specialists know how to explore the market, which products will be in demand and why, how to choose the best way to promote goods, how to effectively organize the advertising campaign, create a brand and manage it in condition of intense competition at all market segments.


Career fields and job opportunities

Marketing Graduates can occupy the following positions at domestic and foreign enterprises in the field of marketing analytics, marketing research, sales management, marketing communications and advertising:

  • marketer
  • marketer-analyst
  • brand manager
  • sales manager
  • advertising manager
  • PR-manager
  • marketing director
  • head of marketing department
  • marketing research specialist
  • logistics and sales policy specialist
  • specialist in the analysis and planning of marketing activities
  • art director
  • internet marketer
  • content manager
  • WEB-marketer
  • Direct-marketer


Entrance requirements

There are no admission tests or entrance exams if you apply for Undergraduate Degree Program. To apply for Postgraduate Degree, it is necessary to obtain the Undergraduate Degree and pass the interview on specialized subjects (see syllabus above) and foreign language. The duration of study for those students, who have received a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing is 1,5 years. Those students, who have received a Bachelor’s Degree in other field, study for 2 years. The application procedure is similar for all the other courses. Please visit APPLY for details. Study the information about our Foundation Course. We recommend to start your studies with it. You’ll learn Russian and Ukrainian languages, as well as will adapt comfortably to the academic environment in Ukraine.

Poltava University of Economics and Trade is one of the most affordable universities for international students. Our tuition fees scheme is as follows:

Undergraduate Degree (4 Years of Study)
1st year Course Fee (USD) 2nd year Course Fee (USD) 3rd year Course Fee (USD) 4th year Course Fee (USD) Total Fee (USD)
2 000 2 000 2 000 2 000 8 000


Postgraduate Degree
  1st year Course Fee (USD) 2nd year Course Fee (USD) Total Fee (USD)
2 Years of Study 2 200 2 200 4 400
1,5 Years of Study 2 200 1 100 3 300


All fees are determined in the USD.  In Ukraine the fees should be paid in national currency at exchange rate of the National Bank of Ukraine. The tuition fee excludes additional costs before and after arrival. Students must make provision for visa support, insurance, local registration fees, hostel fees, stationery etc. The detailed description of all expenses are here.



1 Year
1 Semester 2 Semester
Name of the discipline Credits Name of the discipline Credits
History and Culture of Ukraine 3 Economics 4,5
Modern Information Technologies 4 Foreign Language 2,5
Training: Introduction to the Profession 3 Physical Training 1
University Education 1 Infrastructure of the Commodity Market 4
Mathematics 3 Principles of Marketing 6
Economics 4,5 Marketing of the Partner Relations 5
Foreign Language 2,5 Psychology 3
Physical Training 1 Statistics 3
    Practice 9
2 Year
3 Semester 4 Semester
Name of the discipline Credits Name of the discipline Credits
Accounting 3 Services Marketing 10
Law 3 Marketing Analysis  10
Management 4 Physical Training 1
Industrial Marketing 6 Sociology 3
Marketing Research 6 Ukrainian Language 1,5
Physical Training 1 Practice 6
Ukrainian Language 1,5    
3 Year
5 Semester 6 Semester
Name of the discipline Credits Name of the discipline Credits
Philosophy 3 Logistics 5
Informational Systems and Technologies in Marketing 4 Finance and taxation 3
Marketing Commodity Policy 5 Innovation Marketing 5
    Marketing Pricing 5
    Marketing Communications 5
    International Marketing 5
    Managing Risks in Marketing 5
    Training: Marketing Technologies 6
    Principles of Leadership 3
    Practice 6
4 Year
7 Semester 8 Semester
Name of the discipline Credits Name of the discipline Credits
Selling Promotion 5 Brand-Management 5
Strategic Marketing 5 Public Relations in Business 5
Consumer Behaviour 5 Managing Advertising 4
Internet-Marketing 5 Training: Marketing Technologies 6
Advertising Business 5 Business English 3
Business English 3 Practice 9




Educational program «Marketing» Bachelor 2021

Educational program «Marketing» Master_2021

Examinations Program in Mathematics

Examinations Program in Language of Study




Education Levels and Duration of Study:

  • Bachelor Degree in Marketing – 4 years (Undergraduate Degree)
  • Master’s Degree in marketing – 1,5 (2) years (Postgraduate Degree)

Languages of study:

  • English
  • Ukrainian
  • Russian

Department of Marketing

Head of Department: Professor Nataliia Karpenko

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