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In terms of International Business program, students learn the ways to set up and develop businesses on foreign markets.

They know how to evaluate and analyze international business environment; they are competent in analyzing, modelling, decision-making and managing activities in international trade, finance, services and production. Moreover, International Business graduates benefit from the acquired knowledge on conducting business activity in Ukraine and abroad. They know several foreign languages fluently. During the studies, students do an internship at foreign companies.

Graduates work for local and international companies, subsidiaries of international corporations, banks, investment funds etc.


  1. Excellent business communication skills in two foreign languages
  2. Internships abroad
  3. Ability to analyze performance activities of a foreign company
  4. Knowledge and skills of business planning in Ukraine and abroad
  5. Experience in making and implementing business plans for a company’s internationalization
  6. Skills in drafting international contracts
  7. Knowledge and skills in organizing and conducting business negotiations


  1. Globalization, world economic regions and economy of foreign countries
  2. Corporate management and social responsibility in international business
  3. International economic activity in Ukraine
  4. International contracts and commercial negotiations
  5. International trade
  6. International business
  7. International economic analysis
  8. International marketing
  9. International organizations
  10. International finance
  11. Principles of economic safety and diplomacy
  12. Theory of international economy and international economic relations
  13. Multinational corporationsї
  14. Training: cross-cultural management technologies
  15. Management of international business projects
  16. Finance in international corporations

Graduates may be employed for POSITIONS in the following spheres

  1. Business analytics
  2. Investment analytics
  3. Business planning
  4. Sales management
  5. Marketing
  6. Communications
  7. Economic adviser


Educational program «International Business» Bachelor 2021

Examinations Program in Mathematics

Examinations Program in Language of Study

Poltava University of Economics and Trade is one of the most affordable universities for international students. Our tuition fees scheme is as follows:

Undergraduate Degree (4 Years of Study)
1st year Course Fee (USD) 2nd year Course Fee (USD) 3rd year Course Fee (USD) 4th year Course Fee (USD) Total Fee (USD)
2 000 2 000 2 000 2 000 8 000

All fees are determined in the USD. In Ukraine the fees should be paid in national currency at exchange rate of the National Bank of Ukraine. The tuition fee excludes additional costs before and after arrival. Students must make provision for visa support, insurance, local registration fees, hostel fees, stationery etc. The detailed description of all expenses are here.


Education Levels and Duration of Study:

  • Bachelor Degree in Business and Programming – 4 years (Undergraduate Degree)

Languages of study:

  • English
  • Ukrainian

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