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Human Resource is the most important resource for a modern enterprise. Human Resource (HR) is a field of activity with a lot of new occupations: training manager, HR assessment specialist, HR manager, team-manager, sales coach, head hunter, corporate culture manager, couch-consultant.

Who can find their place in HR? These are people who do not imagine their life without communication, thinking, analyzing, etc.

The graduates occupy the following positions:

  • manager of enterprises, organizations and their departments
  • casting manager
  • staff manager
  • head for a HR department
  • advanced training courses manager
  • HR trainer
  • HR inspector
  • HR organizer
  • labor recruitment specialist
  • research manager


Human resource management (Bachelor)


Education Levels and Duration of Study:

  • 4 years (Undergraduate Degree)
  • 1,5 (2) years (Postgraduate Degree)

Languages of study:

  • English
  • Ukrainian

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