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Finance, Banking and Insurance

The current situation in the economy poses to business entities new problems associated with solving multifaceted tasks in the field of finance on the issues of management, planning, economic, analytical and other financial work in the relevant units of enterprises, institutions and organizations of various forms of ownership, as well as financial and credit institutions and government bodies. Strengthening the role of financial and credit relations in a market economy requires appropriate training of specialists capable of practical implementation of the economic, financial, tax, foreign economic policy of the state. All this necessitates the preparation of a sufficient number of financiers, whose qualification level would allow solving complex problems of economic practice in market conditions.


The education program “Finance, Banking and Insurance” focuses on the training of competent professionals with theoretical and practical skills to apply effectively in the process of formation and use of financial resources in the field of public, private and corporate finance, banking, insurance, investment activities, management of investment portfolios, etc. The program provides theory, professional fundamentals, ethics and innovation that are critical to your career success, and knowledge in international finance.

Main academic disciplines

  • Fundamentals of Finance
  • Money and monetary policy
  • Household Finance
  • Investment
  • Taxes and social security
  • Public finance
  • International finance
  • Insurance
  • Financial Market and Financial Institutions
  • Banking
  • Corporate finance
  • Financial analysis
  • Estimated value of the enterprise (business)
  • Modern information and communication technologies

The graduates occupy the positions:

  • Financial Manager for the enterprise, banking institution and other financial institutions
  • Head, vice-manager in financial activity
  • Banker
  • Budget Analyst
  • Credit Analyst, Financial Analyst
  • Personal Finance Advisors
  • Financial Services Sales Agents
  • Insurance Agent
  • Loan Officer
  • Real Estate Officer
  • Economist for financial, banking institution, insurance company, etc.
  • Specialist in investment and non-state pension funds
  • Analyst in financial and economic security, investment, lending, etc.


If you admire the exact sciences and are curiously watching the news of the economy and business, the profession of Financier is for you, because it is:

  • Prospect: career growth in the financial and real sectors of the economy
  • Prestige: the benefits of a graduate in the labor market
  • Professionalism: the latest information and educational technologies
  • Uniqueness: knowledge corresponding to time
  • Future: new areas of application of knowledge in finance and credit



Education Levels and Duration of Study:

  • 4 years (Undergraduate Degree)

Languages of study:

  • English
  • Ukrainian
  • Russian

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