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The emergence of counterfeit, fake and genetically modified products in the local and international markets in large quantities, stirring up the international trade, increasing the import-export operations called upon the unique type of specialists in commodity science and customs examination and specialists in entrepreneurship, trade and stock exchange activity.

In the conditions of European integration processes these specialists solve the issue of moving products across the border committing customs clearance with customs officers and other state bodies, carry out products’ identification, various examinations, determining the volume and quality of the products being purchased, etc.

The graduates occupy the following positions:

  • customs clearance agent or representative of a customs  broker
  • commodity tax-declarant
  • head for the expertise
  • head for standardization department
  • trade inspector
  • state Inspector for procurement and quality of agricultural products
  • quality control inspector
  • specialist in standardization, certification and quality
  • commodity expert
  • consultant for expert organizations and scientific laboratories
  • appraiser and auctioneer


Education Levels and Duration of Study:

  • – 4 years (Undergraduate Degree)

Languages of study:

  • English
  • Ukrainian

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