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About the course

Bachelor’s Degree in Business Economics and Programming course is designed to prepare IT-specialists in programming with the knowledge of business-modelling foundations necessary to find the solution to practical tasks in economics and information systems management.

Business Economics and Programming students learn how to code and test the programs (C/C++, Java, PHP, HTML), which are based on mathematical models and algorithms analysis (formulation of economic problems); how to analyze, clear, restructure and manage large databases. They will get familiar with mathematical programming (MathCad, MatLab, R) and will learn basic concepts of project management in the organization, understand the underlying technology of local and computer networks functioning, global networks and Internet, as well as will gain the knowledge of foundations of economics (including management, marketing, international trade, accounting and finance).

On completion of the programme graduates will find themselves on the forefront of high-tech industry, design, repairs and maintenance of programs and coding for businesses and organizations in economic field.



  • Information Systems and Technologies in Fields of Economics
  • Computer Graphics
  • Data Processing
  • Programming 1. Algorithms
  • Programming 2. C/C++
  • Programming 3. Database Programming
  • Programming 4. Java
  • Programming 5. HTML
  • Programming 6. PHP
  • System Theory and System Analysis
  • OS & Networking
  • Mathematical Programming
  • Database System
  • Economic Modeling 1. Optimization Methods and Models
  • Economic Modeling 2. Econometrics. Regression Modeling in Practice
  • Economic Modeling 3. Decision-Making
  • Economic Modeling 3. Game Theory
  • Economic Modeling 4. Economic Simulation Modeling 
  • Economical Cybernetics
  • Decision Analysis
  • Project Management
  • Information Systems Design and Development
  • Operations on Financial Services Markets
  • Economic Analysis
  • Enterprise
  • Business-Process and Information Systems Modeling
  • Organization of Business
  • Business Economics

Career fields and job opportunities

Students can be employed in the following career fields:

  • business analytics
  • programming
  • development
  • project management
  • web development
  • computer engineering
  • computer technology
  • software engineering
  • information technology
  • system administration
  • marketing
  • sales management
  • communications

Job titles for Business Economics and Programming include:

  • computer programmer
  • software programmer
  • web programmer
  • computer and information research scientist
  • computer and information systems manager
  • database administrator
  • computer systems analyst
  • computer support specialist
  • network and computer systems administrator
  • IT systems administrator
  • network administrator
  • web-developer

Entrance requirements

There are no admission tests or entrance exams if you apply for Undergraduate Degree Program. The application procedure is similar for all the other courses. Please visit APPLY for details.

Study the information about our Foundation Course. We recommend to start your studies with it. You’ll learn Russian and Ukrainian languages, as well as will adapt comfortably to the academic environment in Ukraine.

Poltava University of Economics and Trade is one of the most affordable universities for international students. Our tuition fees scheme is as follows:

Undergraduate Degree (4 Years of Study)
1st year Course Fee (USD) 2nd year Course Fee (USD) 3rd year Course Fee (USD) 4th year Course Fee (USD) Total Fee (USD)
2 000 2 000 2 000 2 000 8 000


All fees are determined in the USD. In Ukraine the fees should be paid in national currency at exchange rate of the National Bank of Ukraine. The tuition fee excludes additional costs before and after arrival. Students must make provision for visa support, insurance, local registration fees, hostel fees, stationery etc. The detailed description of all expenses are here.



Education Levels and Duration of Study:

  • Bachelor Degree in Business and Programming – 4 years (Undergraduate Degree)

Languages of study:

  • English
  • Ukrainian
  • Russian

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