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Round Table Discussion for Ukrainian and international students dedicated to International Day of Accountant


Accounting and audit Department of PUET held a roundtable discussion for Ukrainian and international students, devoted to International Accountant’s Day and International Student’s Day.

We invited the owners and directors of the local companies, the representatives of professional non-governmental organizations, Lecturers of the University of State Fiscal Service of Ukraine (Irpin), teachers and students of Poltava Cooperative College, Lecturera of Accounting and Auditing Department of Poltava University of Economics and Trade and Puet’s students from Azerbaijan, China and Angola.

The report of Victoria Kulyk on the topic “Areas of accounting development in Ukraine 21st century” has caused the active discussion.

Practicing professionals were the opponents of teachers, but together they have defined the main areas of current tasks’ solution, aimed at the creation of trustworthy and relevant information of multi-vector purpose.

round-table-for-ukrainian-and-foreign-students-dedicated-to-the-international-day-and-international-day-of-accountant-student-1     round-table-for-ukrainian-and-foreign-students-dedicated-to-the-international-day-and-international-day-of-accountant-student-3

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