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Rector of PUET congratulates with the Students’ Day


International Students’ Day is a very important holiday for every student from all over the world. This day brings together creative, perspective and inspired young people.

All of you are the part of a big family of he Poltava University of Economics and Trade that numbers more than 90 thousand students. The best period of your life passes in our university. You have the foundations of professional competence developed here, you become an individual, your talents are revealed, friendship and love are born here. The Future is in your hands. Only you are capable of generating the progressive ideas, initiatives and qualitative transformations in society. Ukraine needs your knowledges, your contribution to the development of Ukrainian society. I am convinced that your experience and professionalism will determine the state’s destiny. You will be glorious successors of university traditions and worthy sons and daughters of Ukraine!

I sincerely wish the present and  the next student generations to be in great demand. Let all your dreams come true and your student romance remains in your hearts forever.

I am convinced that your creative, scientific and professional achievements will be directed towards the development of our state and Poltava University of Economics and Trade. I sincerely wish you success in all endeavors, no matter how ambitious and sometimes unrealistic they would be! Let your dreams and hopes always come true!


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