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Fields of studies (Majors)

051 – Economics
072 – Finance, Banking, Insurance
073 – Management
075 – Marketing
076 – Business, Trade and Exchange Activities
015 – Vocational education (by subject specialization)
113 – Applied mathematics (specialization – Theoretical Fundamentals of Informatics and Cybernetics)
181 – Food Technologies

English language of instruction is provided for the following fields: 072, 073, 015. The other Majors are offered in Ukrainian language of instruction.

Admission rules and procedures:

1. Full high education and Master’s Degree, as well as passing the entrance exams (in English and specialized subjects) are the mandatory requirements for PhD program applicants. The person submitting the Diploma on Higher Education, which is recognized by the foreign Higher Educational Establishment, is admitted to the entrance exam on the equal conditions with the other persons.

2. PhD studies are carried out on a contract basis – at the expense of legal and physical entities. The tuition fee is USD 3300 per year. The duration of studies is 4 years. The tuition fee specified doesn’t include visa, local registration, accommodation and other expenses.

3. PhD Program applicants sit the following entrance exams: specialty (according to the field of study chosen) and foreign language (one of the following – English, German, French). The decision about the admission to entrance exams are taken by the Selection Committee (Inspection Board) and based on results of an interview with the applicant, consideration the essay and scientific works, submitted by the author (if he\she has).

List of documents for application:

  1. List of publications (scientific works published). Applicants without publications submit the essay on the major chosen
  2. Research proposal on the major chosen
  3. Master’s Degree Diploma with grades sheet and its Notarized copy
  4. Scanned copy of birth certificate and passport for international trips

Upon admission PhD Students will have to submit also the following documents:

  1. Application form, personal data form, questionnaire (will be provided for filling in)
  2. Passport and Master’s Degree Diploma notarized and translated into Ukrainian language
  3. 2 pictures 3×4 cm
  4. Medical certificate (attested by official body of healthcare in the country of origin and issued not earlier than 2 months before arrival to Ukraine, valid for at least 3 weeks after arrival)
  5. Valid health insurance (except for those foreign citizen, who come from the countries, which have the agreement with Ukraine about the free provision of urgent medical help)

Admission deadlines: change every year and are available upon request.

Each year PhD student reports on his\her work in accordance with the schedule of work drawn up with the Research Advisor and agreed with the University Academic Board.

Stages of studies:

STAGE 1 – organization (1 month)

This period includes entrance exams, admission procedure and planning.

The following procedures must be carried out: local legalization and residence permit issuance, preparing the documents for passing the application procedures (including writing the essay and sitting the entrance exams), discussing the topic, plan, study program and schedule of PhD Studies, agreeing at the University Academic Board.

STAGE 2 – studying, lecturing and research (2 years)

This period is devoted to learning, lecturing and research.

All these processes take place at the same time. PhD Student visits lectures and practical classes on the disciplines that are directly related to the field of Research closed (the detailed list of these subjects is currently reconsidered by the administration of the University because of recent Ministry changes; it will be ready till the end of this month).

At the same time PhD student must conduct 50 hours of lectures per Year during 2 years’ time. The list of disciplines, plan, schedule and timetable of classes (lectures and practical classes) are drawn up by agreement with the Research Advisor and are directly connected with the field of research, and to the current schedule of University students.

During this period, it is strongly recommended to write and publish (or at least submit for publication) articles, conference abstracts, the dissertation itself. The last includes thorough studying the professional literature, participation in conferences and presentations regarding the topic of the dissertation, writing chapters. If the study involves an experiment, it should be conducted at this stage.

STAGE 3 – writing dissertation (1,5 years)

This period must result in the dissertation ready made.

PhD Student finalizes the dissertation and prepares all the documents specified at the list of Essential requirements to PhD Dissertation (see below).

STAGE 4 – finalizing the research and preparing it for certification (5 months)

This is the period is fully devoted to preparation and submission the personal case of the PhD Student (including dissertation, articles, theses, certificates and other documents necessary) to the Specialized Academic Council.

It includes passing all the procedures of registration and proper arrangement of PhD Dissertation presentation and certification (in accordance to Ukrainian legislation in the field of Higher Education and Scientific Research), as well as passing all the post-certification procedures and obtaining the PhD Diploma.


The duration of each stage can be changed depending on the pace and results of PhD Students’ research, as well as the schedule drawn up by the Student and Research Advisor. Writing dissertation and lecturing can take place simultaneously.

Essential requirements to PhD Dissertation:

  1. Dissertation volume – 180-190 pages
  2. 5-7 conference abstracts (theses)
  3. 5 articles published in specialized (professional) Ukrainian research journals
  4. 1 article in international research journal
  5. 1 article in research journal included into scientometric database
  6. 5 certificates (references) on results of research introduction into production\on practice
  7. Exams and tests according to the study schedule (which is established with the Research Advisor upon arrival and admittance)


Admission rules, procedures and other consultations:
E-mail: admission@puet.edu.ua

Inquiries upon admission and arrival to PUET:
Department of Postgraduate and Doctoral studies

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