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PSLS for international students is established to improve the English communicational skills in academic situations and everyday life. It provides a bright experience of studying English as a foreign language in a multicultural environment. At the same time, it introduces Ukraine as one of the Europe’s biggest countries with its peerless customs and traditions.

PSLS offers English learning course of 4 levels – A1, A2, B1, B2.

On commencement of PSLS, students must go through the test to define their language knowledge level in order to choose the appropriate program to apply. As a result, PSLS will enable international students to communicate in English confidently.

Students will learn to:

  • Understand better through improved reading
  • Communicate clearly, accurately and fluently through the practice of speaking
  • Understand real-life conversations and TV-programs
  • Practice the extended grammar knowledge


Students participate in different activities. The study process is organized both in small groups and individually. Holistic course content aims at a flexible balance of different language knowledge skills. Student will read, write, listen and speak. All the PSLS classes are designed to be topic based. They are cheerful and interactive. To provide the best result teachers use the rich variety of course materials:

  • radio and TV-programs
  • modern information technologies
  • books

Students practice:

Reading – news articles, reports, short stories – and understanding the language, developing extra vocabulary

Writing – from tiny sentences to big paragraphs and essays – and become more efficient in written communications

Speaking – dialogs, everyday life situations – and become more convincing

Listening – programs in American and British language style – and develop the ability to rephrase

All international students will be provided with specialized software to learn foreign languages.

The duration of a course is 6 weeks (5 academic hours per day).

At the end of each week session students sit for the basic language skills test. Overall they will improve communication skills in English through different English speaking activities.

At the end of PSLS students are awarded certificates.


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