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Open webinar of PUET visiting Professor Siva Nathan

On the 6th of April students majoring in “International Economic Relations”, “Management” and other have got a great chance to attend the open webinar of PUET visiting Professor Siva Nathan. It was an amazing chance to speak about the corporate social responsibility, but under the totally different angle – in the aspects of Company’s management.

The idea of the lecture was suggested by the Rector of the University Oleksii Nestulya, who together with Siva Nathan continued the discussions, started in terms of Davos World Economic Forum. This year one of the topics, discussed at the forum was the corporate social responsibility in auditing, accounting, finance, personnel management, at production, in products development and its marketing.

Professor Siva nathan has put numerous examples of compliance and non-compliance with the principles of socially responsible behaviour of companies from different countries. At the end of the lecture he suggested to develop the actions plan in terms of PUET’s corporate social responsibility.

It will a great chance to discuss the practical aspects of corporate social responsibility during the next webinar.
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