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The education of high quality due to European level at Poltava University of Economics and Trade brings together representatives from different countries of the world: Gambia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Ghana, Azerbaijan, Tunisia, Zimbabwe, Morocco, Ukraine. The University has created and constantly supports comfortable conditions of studying and living with socially friendly and tolerant atmosphere for overseas students.

The dean’s office for working with foreign students, headed by Dzekun Yuri Oleksiyovych, conducts socially-oriented events aimed at creating friendly interethnic ties. Among the invited participants there were students and teachers: Ishchenko Valentyna Leonidivna, Artemenko Anna Anatolievna and Tul Svitlana Ivanivna. Thanks to the game and training elements, the participants told about themselves, their country, traditions, hobbies and first impressions of PUET. Thanks to the pedagogical skills and openness of the moderators, there was created a friendly and relaxed atmosphere of the event. As a result there were established friendly relations between the participants.

We wish students success, inspiration and implementation of the plans with PUET – polylinguistic, multicultural, innovation university!


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