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On September 21 2018, a traditional study trip for foreign students of the foundation course of Poltava University of Economics and Trade (PUT) took place.

Foreign students were happy to get acquainted with our city. Ukrainian students Khudolii Anna (F-41), Vlasenko Elizabeth (F-41), Nikulina Julia (MEN-21), Andrusenko Lada (T-21), Tsymidanova Karina (GRS-34) and Sorokina Kateryna (GDS-34) were excellent guides and conducted an informative excursion for foreign students in English, having told a lot of interesting things about the history, culture, customs and traditions of Poltava. Students learned about the history of PUET, visited the Poltava Museum of Local Lore, saw around the Memorial Estate of Ivan Kotlyarevsky, the historical center of the city and its cultural attractions.

The relaxed and warm atmosphere of the trip facilitated the exchange of knowledge about customs and traditions of different countries leaving students with positive impressions.

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