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Ukraine is situated in the south-eastern part of Europe. It has common land borders with Belarus in the North, Poland in the West, with Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and Moldova in the South-West and Russia in the East. South of Ukraine is washed by the Black and Azov Seas. Ukraine has sea border with Romania and Russia.

More and more students from India, Pakistan and other countries decide to study in Ukraine. And there are several reasons for that:

  1. Price-quality ratio. Ukrainian Universities often offer high-quality European education at affordable low prices. Moreover, at the end of study student receives Diploma, which is recognized overseas. It opens up quite promising job opportunities.
  2. The simplified admission system. To become a University student in Ukraine, international students do not need to take any admission tests or exams. In this country the University entry scheme is very simple. Student apply on the basis of official document confirming secondary school education with applicant’s assessment. In the field of higher education it is a huge advantage of Ukraine over other countries.
  3. Wide variety of majors. When going to study in Ukraine, you have the opportunity to enter the desired specialty. Universities in Ukraine are trying to meet the needs of the market and its students.
  4. Ukraineis a European country, where the cost of living is much lower, than in the other European countries. Low costs will also provide affordable student life.
  5. Numerous opportunities to travel. Close geographical position to EU countries opens wide opportunities to visit them.

In March 2005 Ukraine joined the Bologna education system, which is accepted in all European Union countries. Since that time, the European standard in higher education in Ukraine is being implemented.

Training of specialists is conducted on two educational qualification levels: Bachelor and Master. International students can get the Degree and qualification in 5-6 years of study without break or in 2 years, if student already has the Bachelor’s degree. The exceptions are the medical and veterinary specialties − in this case only the first option is available for international students.

International students get the Master’s Degree in 1,5-2 years after they get the Bachelor’s Degree.

Education for foreigners in higher educational institutions of Ukraine is provided on a contract basis. Average tuition fee for foreigners ranges from USD 1000 to USD 3000 per year (from USD 2,000 to USD 6,000 per year for medical specialties).

The Foundation Course (Pre-University Studies) tuition fee ranges between USD 1000 and USD 2000.

International students, who were granted by Ukraine state scholarships in terms of international agreements, state prorgammes, other international obligations of Ukraine, are admitted to study on the basis of Ministry of education and science directives in accordance to the procedure, provided by these agreements and programs.

Foreigners, who have got the full secondary education at schools with Ukrainian language of study overseas, and Ukrainians from abroad, whose status is confirmed by the certificate of Foreign Ukrainian, can also study free of charge on the basis of quotas for foreign Ukrainians, established by Ministry of education and science.

Foreigners permanently and legally residing in Ukraine have the right to get higher education on equal terms with the citizens of Ukraine.

We tried to look at Ukraine through the eyes of foreigners. After reading the reviews of seasoned travellers, who have travelled halfway around the world, we have seen that Ukraine does not leave anyone indifferent. Foreigners who have been with us are always delighted by local natural beauty and architecture. Lately Ukrainian prices make foreigners particularly happy. Ukraine has become the most affordable country in Europe. But most of foreigners are not coming to Ukraine, because they think, that war is going on across the country. Those, who recently visited us, had a chance to make sure that it is not so: travelling around the country is completely safe.

Admission of foreign citizens to higher education institutions in Ukraine is provided on the basis of oral interviews (conducted right at the University) and documents, confirming the previous education, which are considered by the selection committee of the University separately. The requirements to the level of international students academic success are determined by each institution separately.

No, international students can’t work during study, because D class visa doesn’t grant this opportunity. So, in fact the migration legislation of Ukraine does not allow international students to work while studying.

Foreigners, who arrived in Ukraine for a certain period and not for study at the University purposes, have the right to work only with a work permit, obtained in accordance with established procedure in the Ukrainian Employment Center.

A work permit is not required for foreigners living in Ukraine on a permanent basis, for foreign entrepreneurs, for private individuals, as well as for foreigners, who established their relationship with their employers on the basis of civil law agreements, and for another foreigners in cases, stipulated by the laws and international treaties of Ukraine.

First thing you need to do to get started is to apply for invitation, which will allow you apply for student visa. After arrival to Poltava University of Economics and Trade you submit the original document about your previous qualifications. Please, find in section APPLY of this web-site the lists of documents you’ll have to draw up to apply for invitation, student visa and then – for admission of international students to Poltava University of Economics and Trade.


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Yes, it has. The Foundation Course (Pre-University Course) at Poltava University of Economics and trade provides high quality of preparation in subjects, necessary for admission to Universities in Ukraine, as well as psychological adaptation for future enrollees to the University. Note, that in terms of Foundation Course international students learn Ukrainian and Russian language. It helps them to adapt and enjoy studying in Ukraine.

Poltava University of Economics and Trade Foundation Course offers to study at the following departments:

  • economical
  • IT
  • bio- and food technology (medical)
  • hotel- and restaurant business (tourism)
  • linguistic

Yes, it has. The most demanded of them are various English learning courses and summer schools, as well as Chinese language Course (you can learn the foundations of Chinese and get prepared to HSK test). Students can also apply for Russian/Ukrainian as a foreign language Bridging Course.

If after Foundation Course you want to be enrolled into a major, which is not represented in Poltava University of Economics and Trade, for your further studies we will offer you a choice out of numerous leading Ukrainian universities.

Yes, you can. After completion of studies graduates receive the Higher Education Diploma Supplement of the European standard.

This Supplement is filled in accordance with the structure, developed by the European Commission, Council of Europe and UNESCO/SEPES. It is necessary to provide the international understanding and recognition of Diploma (qualification of Higher Education) to provide access to further training and / or carrying out professional activity.

Poltava University of Economics and Trade has a wide program of international cooperation, is an active member of international community of leading European and world Universities. University has cooperation agreements with 82 foreign Universities from 30 countries.

Together with the leading European Universities Poltava University of Economics and Trade signed the Magna Charta Universitatum Europaeum (Bologna Declaration), which started the Bologna Process.

University is the Member of Eurasian Association of Universities, Association of cooperative partner Universities of CIS countries.

International students have a choice to live either at University Campus of rent an apartment in the city. The University Campus has 4 student hostels, where currently more than 1500 students are accommodated. If necessary, students can choose the option of living in a rented apartment (through a real estate agent).

Each group of students has a curator, who is assigned by the university. Its main task is to assist and facilitate the stay of the student on the territory of Ukraine. In addition, the University has the Dean’s office, working with international students and responsible for all the study process matters.

An international student, as well as any university student may be expelled for academic failure, offence against the laws of Ukraine, as well as delayed payment of tuition fees

Poltava University of Economics and Trade has highly qualified and experiences stuff. The current teaching staff includes more than 50 Doctors of Science and professors, 270 Candidates of Science and Associate Professors.

In Poltava University of Economics and Trade classes for international students are conducted in English at the following Majors:

  • Management
  • External Economic Activities Management
  • Business Administration
  • Food Technology
  • IT
  • International Economics

All the other majors are offered to students in Ukrainian or Russian. Classes in Ukrainian or Russian language can be attended by the student only upon graduation from Foundation Course, which includes compulsory Language preparation (or any preliminary language training).

Yes, they can. Poltava University of Economics and Trade has a developed system of Distance learning, which is one of the leading in Ukraine. Today this system offers over 600 courses for 47 majors.

At the end of each year of study, students pass the compulsory practice. The University provides the opportunity of practical training in Ukraine (at firms, companies, agencies and other types of organizations) and abroad (at hotels, restaurants and manufacturing enterprices at enterprises of Ukraine and enterprises of other countries, such as Turkey, Bulgaria, Greece, Germany, Poland, the United Arab Emirates, Tunisia, Spain, Norway, France, USA.

International students, as well as students from Ukraine, have the opportunity to undergo training abroad according to different international programs offered by the University.

Yes, it is possible. Inasmuch as Poltava University of Economics and Trade is included into Magna Charta Universitatum Europaeum (Bologna Declaration), Poltava University of Economics and Trade graduates get the Diploma of the European Standard and thus have the possibility to continue education in other Universities of Europe.

All international students arrive to Ukraine on the basis of D class visa, issued for 90 days. Right after the admission to the University, they are issued the Residence Permit for all the period of study in Ukraine.  It expires within a month after graduation and students will have to leave Ukraine or have the other reason for extension of their stay in Ukraine.

We are having well qualified staff and resources who give best teaching experiences and all supports for them. Nowadays the University has modern technical basis:

  • Multimedia lecture halls,
  • Study and scientific laboratories,
  • sport complex “Olimp” (playgrounds, gyms, fitness halls, box and fighting gym, football ground with artificial covering)
  • student campus near the main building of University
  • café and canteen

Study building and student campus have got  free Wi-Fi.

Average grade for admission depends on the requirements of the Ministry of Education of student’s citizenship country. You will be informed about the level of compliance of the applicant with these requirements after submitting documents for invitation for studies issuance.

Student should provide Medical certificate which meets your country’s government standards. Also you will be able to make a new one here, in Ukraine. Also citizens of other countries need to have an insurance policy that covers the costs of COVID-19 treatment.

Ukrainian banks offer their services to those foreign nationals, who have permanent residence permit (issued to all the students within a month after arrival). The range of services available is limited due to local foreign currency turnover regulations. International students can send and receive foreign currency, open card accounts and use plastic cards on the territory of Ukraine.

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