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A memorandum of cooperation between the Poltava University of Economics and Trade (Ukraine) and Noida International University (India) was signed

The Parties recognize that they have many interests in common and that there will be mutual benefits from this collaboration.

The subject areas for potential collaboration have been identified as, but not limited to, the following activities, in respect to the common interests and rules defined in this Agreement:

  1. Exchange of information, documents, publications and teaching materials with respect to each university;
  2. Exchange of teachers, researchers, teachers-cum-researchers and post-graduate students for research for preparatory, teaching and/or research visits;
  3. Exchange of first, second and third cycle students, for study, research and/or double diploma programs;
  4. Organization of joint colloquiums, conference cycles and internships in either or both countries;
  5. Development of joint activities of common interest related to teaching and research.

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